‘DoT FEST’ witnesses mesmerizing performances of Bihu, Bhangra, Thang Ta and Rouf

Bhubaneswar: The audiences were left spell-bound following the traditional dance performances from four states of India – Assam, Punjab, Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir – on the fourth day of ‘DoT FEST’ (Bhubaneswar City Festival) here today.

Ollywood singer Sohini Mishra also performed this evening.

The joyful dance form, Bihu depicted the culture of Assam with energetic dance steps and hand movements. The Bihu performers were adorned in traditional Assamese attire and showcased the best of their talent with synchronized choreography. The Bhangra dance performers symbolized the joyous celebrations of Punjab with a spirited performance that had the audiences shake a leg to the beats of the Dhol.


Known as ‘The art of the sword and the spear’, the martial dance form with fire – Thang Ta from Manipur left audiences amazed as the trained artists performed with various weapons and fire that were coordinated with the rhythms of breathing. Jammu & Kashmir’s folk dance, Rouf enthralled the audiences as the artists performed the dance with elegant footwork and colourful costumes.

The individual dance performances was followed by a spectacular finale where all the artistes, close to 80 in number, from all the four states came together on the stage, to showcase the unity of our tradition and culture.

As ‘DoT FEST’ presented a glimpse of the dance traditions from the four states today, the International Street Food Festival continues to offer a gastronomical experience for food lovers. Showcasing delicacies from over 16 countries, different states of India and specialties of Odisha, the festival’s food extravaganza is a popular hit with audiences.

The festival experienced a surge in attendees with over 15000 visitors today.


On Wednesday, audiences will get the opportunity to watch renowned Odissi dancer Aruna Mohanty perform live.

Locals and tourists can brace themselves for what promises to be a sensational show titled “Sapta Verna” that will not only include a solo performance by the artist, but also a choreographed group performance of 80 dancers directed by the dance maestro herself!

The ‘DoT FEST’ is being held at the Exhibition Ground in Unit-3 of Bhubaneswar. It will conclude on December 16. Several Bollywood singers are slated to be part of the mega festival.

One can visit website to get more details about the ‘DoT FEST’ which is being organised by the Tourism Department with the assistance from Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC).

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