Doctors In Odisha’s Cuttack Successfully Conduct Rare Surgery

Cuttack: Amid the tension of coronavirus outbreak, lock down and other such depressing news, here is something that will make one feel better.

A team of doctors have successfully rejoined the arm of a woman. This surgery was conducted at the SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack by a team of 7 doctors. It took them 3 long hours  to complete the entire procedure.

In a freak accident, a boulder fell on the left hand of Malati Behera, a 30 yr old woman from Athamallik area of Angul. The hand got cut near the arm.

The doctors have successfully rejoined the arm and Malati is now on the path of recovery.

The team of doctors have said that this is a rare surgery and are delighted at the fact that it has been successful.

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  1. RK Satpathy says

    Congratulations and God bless the team. I always feel Odisha Doctors are quite knowledgeable and definitely dedicated. But in general lack professional approach. Therefore a large number of patients visit the nearest cities like Vizag, Kolakata and sometimes Raipur. We must do something to stop this. Wish more powers to our Doctors

  2. Gourabprasad Tripathy says

    Many many thankss and congratulations to all the surgeons of scb.. I will pray before God to keep his holly eyes on scb medical college which gives life to the many people who have no money for medical expenses.. Thanqqq again to all the second God…. Praying for you..

    1. KP SAHOO says

      Many many thanks and congratulations to all the Doctor team

  3. Rahul Dash says

    Many cancer patients are awaited dying for operations , urgent surgeries are stopped as operation theaters are closed in Govt hospitals like AIIMs in Odisha , I know the problem of govt hospitals and ongoing tension of covid19 and handling that single handedly, but what can be done to these poor souls ,who can’t go to get operated in aPrivate hospital with high expenses.


    Which private hospital in Cuttack this extraordinary operations was performed?

  5. Sandipani Mohanty says

    Odia doctor are always the best.

  6. Rajesh Satapathy says

    A very big applaud for our surgeons…as earlier commented people moving out of states for treatment should be given convincing attitude so that they should not travel outside for treatment..

  7. Afreen Ahmed says

    Congrats You made Odisha proud..pls keep up the good work

  8. S C Acharya says

    Out standing. Odia doctors are very much skilled. Congratulations. Jai Jagannath

  9. Ranjit says

    Salute to the Doctors

  10. Jasmine says

    More power to our doctors.

  11. Pitambar says

    Great job by a team of doctors of Odisha!!!


    Great work by our odisha doctors …keep it up….
    likewise if govt. pay attention on medical feild
    then such miracle happen …. require of all medical facilites and the problem of the odisha or our nation sholud fight such incident like a ‘midas touch..’

  13. Surendra Kumar Sahu says

    It’s a great job. Congratulation to all the team members. May God bless you to accept many such challenges and succeed.

  14. sisir patro says

    Congratulations to the team of doctors and support staff for their patience and focus for the successful achievement.
    The patient’s trust has raised a better benchmark to add a feather for the treatment at Odisha and govt. hospital.
    Great going.
    Keep up the spirit to make Odisha a caring State..
    Jai Hind


    Orissa Doctor s have talent & competence to challenge the extreme & can pioneer research in bringing the Health Care to the people of Odisha & to those patients from other states of India. Great News & extremely satisfying. Bright future for our people.

    1. Raj Shaw says

      Kudos to the seven Doctors and their supportive staff. We are proud of them for the noble service rendered by the fraternity to humankind. May God Bless them to do
      more such successful operations in future’.

  16. Santos Mishra says

    Great achievement Doctors team.

  17. Manikanth says

    Congratulations to the team of excellence… The talent is much more here but needs to be recognized and rewarded.

  18. Prakash Kumar Das says

    All the best to the team. Proved that, doctors are the incarnation of God.

  19. Pradyumna says

    Congrats to the whole doctor team , really doctors are the god for mankind because they save a lot of lives.

  20. Suresh says

    Excellent display of rare skill. Kudos to the team.

  21. Saswat dash says

    Orissa doctors always doing their best…particularly scb medical doctors are very good

  22. ASHISH SOMA says

    Everywhere there is the name of Doctor come, that doctor did this doctor did that. In Hospital or nursing homes is doctor doing surgery alone? What about nurses and other health care team members. There name to come in media is so far but even there presence is also not identified in the news. Do you all Doctor only do surgery and go but nurses are there most of the time taking care of the patient. Doctor will write the medicine order and will go but nurses are there who administers the medicine and takes care of the Patient. Outside INDIA Nurses are given more preference than Doctors, the demand of Nurses are more in abroad than Doctors. I just want to say that let there presence should also be involved in media, news etc.

  23. Biswajit swain says

    ‘Thou god’ has been written in the prescription and it mean so the doctors are 2nd god .The doctors of cuttuck are very efficient and capable

  24. Raj Shaw says

    Kudos to the seven Doctors and their supportive staff. We are proud of them for the noble service rendered by the fraternity to humankind. May God Bless them to do
    more such successful operations in future’.

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