Do you know your password can be hacked in just 10 minutes? Do this for your safety

Today, the news of cybercrime is continuously coming out all over the world. Those whom you may also think that your data is not safe, but do you think you are responsible for this? A recent report indicates that one in four people in India keep a weak password.

According to a report by cyber security company Kaspersky, 1 in every 4 people in India keep a weak password to secure their account. A weak password is a password that can be easily decoded. You will know that there is only one password wall between your personal data and hackers and if this wall is weak then no one can stop the hackers from accessing your account. This password not only saves the theft of your personal data but also prevents your bank account from being empty. Despite this, instead of keeping their passwords strong, people are making it easier and hackers are taking advantage of this weakness of yours.

Hackers target these people

The second biggest challenge for Internet users is to have separate passwords for different accounts. According to report, 1 person creates an average of 27 different accounts on the Internet. There are online access to social media, e-commerce companies to bank accounts. In such a situation, it is difficult for people to remember different passwords for all accounts. This is the reason that most people keep the same password in all their internet accounts and this is where hackers come under attack.

Cyber ​​expert cautious

In this regard, cyber expert Jiten Jain said that we want to keep such passwords which can be easily remembered. With this, we keep a similar password on each platform. It happens that all the accounts of people get hacked together. Not only this, he said that saving passwords on the browser is the biggest mistake of the people. Jain said that to save time, we usually save the password on any website which later makes the work of hackers easier.

What the figures say

If you look at the figures, about 32 percent people save their passwords on the web browser. And 25 percent people save passwords separately in their computer or mobile as a note or list. Apart from this, 17 percent people use password manager. But it is also difficult to escape from hackers.

Password for 5 to 6 characters is dangerous

Cracking your password is so easy that open source password hacking software is easily found on the Internet, which anyone can install and try to hack your password. But you can avoid becoming a victim of it. It is easiest to hack the password of 5 to 6 characters, it can be hacked in just 10 minutes, but as soon as these characters become 6 to 8, it takes half an hour to hack. But at the same time, when this password becomes 8 to 12 characters, it is very difficult to crack it.

Cyber ​​expert Amit Dubey said that while setting passwords, people should take care that they do not enter passwords with information related to them. Apart from this, no number or character should ever be placed in a series. Because they can be broken easily.

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