Do You Know You Can Chat On WhatsApp Offline? Here’s How

Nowadays all most all of us are active on social media but we are ignorant of several features in our mobile phones. You can take the example of WhatsApp itself. We use it, but we may not even know most of the features associated with it. However, don not worry, we will tell you about the secret features of WhatsApp for your ease. In this news, we will tell you today how you can do offline chatting on Whatsapp.

People are at home during the Corona period, due to which activity on social media has increased. People stick to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

But many times they get scolding from their family members for being engaged in mobile till late night. Relatives will also taunt late night by watching the last seen on WhatsApp. But do you know that you can avoid this by adopting a trick?

With this secret idea, you can give full time to those who are very close and are in a relationship with you as this trick will help you to have offline chatting.

Just use one application to use the tricks. Its name is WA bubble for chat. The application reportedly has 1K + downloads on the play store and has a rating of 3.9.

This is the new android application which after downloading, you can easily chat with your close friends, family members or partner on WhatsApp and you will not get scolding from anyone for appearing online late at night.

This is also an advantage that you can use WhatsApp even after staying offline for 24 hours. Also, your last seen will not be known by anyone.

How to use WA bubble for chat app?

Install the app after downloading it from the play store. Then allow the access that is sought. Now you can chat Whatsapp offline easily.


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  1. Krusadr says

    Allowing access for your personal WhatsApp to any third party app is as good as giving the keys to your home to a burglar.

    Any sane person will never do this.
    Please never install any such app which can read screen or WhatsApp no matter wht they promise in return or else you might get hacked / scammed!

  2. Yash says

    Not good. Misleading content. It suppose to be a whatsapp feature as per the headline. Unfortunately it is not. It’s rather a WA Bubble Aap advertising.

  3. Ayush Roy says

    Okay this article is good
    But less did u know that there is already this feature in your WhatsApp settings since a long time
    Just go and to

    Privacy, Last seen, nobody

  4. Rishikesh says

    I can do without installing application by setting of whatsapp

  5. rahul gogoi says


  6. swakshar says

    Hello, internet explorer…..we already got an update on that in 2020, you don’t have to worry now.

  7. Sejal Shah says

    Terrible writing! Seems like some naive teenager has created this ad.

    Anyways, for those of you who are actually here to chat offline and mislead last seen… Here is the trick

    Turn off internet connection, open Whatsapp, type message, close Whatsapp completely and on the data…. Your last seen will remain same and message will be sent

  8. Nischay says

    Beware and risk the consequences..

  9. Fayaz says

    What do u mean?who are you?

  10. lucifan says

    Offline means without net, and not without being seen by anyone else. Not a good article at all. Also, heard of privacy?

  11. Shadab Alam says


  12. Divyanshu says

    You can just turn off Your Last Seen . That’s it. No Rocket science involved

  13. Pradeep says

    To the guys saying it’s already there.. first understand what is the difference between offline chatting and last seen..

    And to the rest.. well this is actually unsafe as said by you.. letting a 3rd party use ur details from whatsapp is the worst thing u can do to urself.

    Good day

  14. Admin says

    What a misleading and bogus content. Fire this guy.

  15. Suraj Goswami says

    Bahut hi achhi jankari di apne

  16. Nuskiya Farah says

    Can u hack my husband whatsapp by whatsweb without currently activate

  17. Sashank says

    Well as per the topic it should be for whatsapp but it’s for different app so it will be considered as ads….And, also offline means no use of net but it’s only for last seen… Even there is a feature in whatsapp i.e., Last Seen-Nobody in Privacy… So, for me itz a spam!!
    Thank You

  18. Jayanth Netha says

    Haha Your are Doing Promotion …3rd party Apps

  19. Urvashi singh says


  20. Anonymous says

    Misleading Title….
    Such type of people in India are wasting their and our precious time

  21. Karan says

    Waste of time
    Leading privacy risk

  22. Karan hh says

    Waste of time
    Leading privacy risk

  23. Pablo says

    Paid promotion by an app . completely misleading . Cut the crap. Please stop this cheap tactics.

  24. Riya says

    Did we know our friends are online or not?

  25. Jim says

    This maybe a scam, a fraud. Likely to compromise with your privacy. It is NOT WhatsApp product.

  26. Madhushree says


  27. Kumar says

    Not at all relatable with headline. It’s just advertising an app without knowing the feature that WhatsApp already has.

  28. code913 says

    that was rubbish

  29. Rupinderpal singh says

    Is this app have virus

  30. Ahanna says

    This is so misleading. Instead of giving good advice. You are giving such crap.

  31. Concerned says

    Are you trying to sell a third party app which could harm the privacy of the individual? Do some good with your life. You’re rotten to the core by misleading people with headlines that have no real connection the content. Stop creating such stupid technology and be a useful and responsible citizen.

  32. Arun says


  33. Arun says

    Rubbish why do you want to waste time by publishing this ads we already have an option in WhatsApp setting

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