Do You Know One Person Can Order Aadhaar PVC Cards For The Whole Family With A Mobile Number? Here’s How

At present, Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents. Earlier it was a paper card. In October this year, UIDAI launched a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Aadhaar card. It looks like an ATM card. Now UIDAI has launched a new facility. Under this, one person of the family can make a PVC card for all the members using their mobile number.

This is how you can order

As per the existing rules, there is a provision to send OTP to the registered mobile number in the Aadhaar card. But UIDAI has now given OTP facility on non-registered mobile numbers too. In such a case, a family member can place an order for the PVC card of the remaining members. However, both options will remain. The facility of viewing Aadhaar preview on non-registered number will not be available. Whereas registered mobile has this facility.

Aadhaar is like a debit-credit card

The base PVC card is fully weather-proof, luxuriously printed and laminated. You can take it everywhere now, without having to worry about it being damaged by the rain. Your Aadhaar PVC can now be ordered by ordering online. At the same time, the new base in the form of plastic cards is durable, attractive in appearance and equipped with the latest security features. Security features will include hologram, guilloché pattern, ghost image and microtext.

Aadhaar with ATM for just Rs 50 The new Aadhaar that looks like a debit-credit card is not expensive. In view of the convenience of common people, UIDAI has kept a fee of only 50 rupees for this. Experts say that the PVC base that comes easily in your wallet and is equipped with many safe features is more convenient. Also, the fee that has been kept for it is not too heavy on the pocket.

This is how Aadhaar PVC card will be made

  • For the new Aadhaar PVC card, you should visit UIDAI website.
  • Click on the order Aadhaar PVC card by going to My Aadhaar section here.
  • After this you enter the 12 digit number of Aadhaar or Virtual ID of 16 digit or Aadhaar Enrollment ID of 28 digit.
  • Now you fill the security code or captcha and click send OTP for OTP.
  • After this, fill in the empty space given to the OTP received on the registered mobile and submit it.
  • Now you will get a preview of Aadhaar PVC card.
  • After that you click on the payment option given below.
  • After this you will go to the payment page, here you will have to deposit a fee of Rs 50 here.
  • After completing the payment, your Aadhaar PVC card order process will be completed.

After the entire process is completed, UIDAI will print Aadhaar and deliver the Indian post within five days. After this, the postal department will deliver it to your home through speed post. Apart from this, you can directly order online through the link given below.

(Source: livehindustan)

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