Digital Black Diamond Museum To Be Set Up In Odisha’s Angul

Angul: A digital black diamond museum is slated to be established in Angul district of Odisha soon at a whooping cost of Rs. 25 Crores.

The building museum will have a perimeter of 3.5 Acres.

The museum will be built on a budget of 25 Crore, it will have all the modern facilities.

This museum will contain all facts about coal such as when it was first used and excavated. The museum will contain facts about how  coal is extracted without a blast in the mines.

The museum will be highly beneficial for students, teachers and researchers.

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  1. Kumar Ramkrishnan says

    A website or a small scale expo would have been wiser. 25 crores on this?
    And how many people would it REALLY benefit???

  2. Ras says

    Waste of luxmi…instead it should be utilised to preach about Krishna !!!
    The teaching of soul and body . Who we really are …..self realization

  3. Rashi says

    We are wasting money on such as useless buildings which are useless the real teachings which is required today is about spirituality which will help people there are so many people under depression who wants to suicide but all these teachings of soul and body would really help them a lot instead of building buildings which is useless about coal !!!!!who is going to study about coal but if we give them the knowledge of the real self that will be really helpful and eradicate the criminal activities and transform the heart of people and also bring in a great Fortune for the people and also for the environment as we know that coal is only polluting the atmosphere and teaching about the coal is of no use . We should understand that the real Black Diamond is Lord Krishna he has come here on this earth and is also present now but it is only through teachings and proper teachings about soul and body and from Bhagavad Gita that we can understand about Lord Krishna so I think that if 25 crores is spent on distributing Bhagwat Geeta then people will benefit a lot thank you

  4. Rashi says

    The best way to utilise 25 crore rupees today in covid times will be to educate people about organic farming which is the real need of today because all we are eating is poisoned chemical fertilized vegetables and fruits Although we are earning lacs and crores but we are only eating the poison slow poison daily so I think the government should really focus on propagating the organic farming and teaching people how organic food is healthy and in long run it will really eradicate all the big diseases like cancer kidney stone skin diseases and big big many big big problems so I think 25 crores should be utilised for teaching people about organic farming or making a Goshala the cows are really beneficial for the society and the cows whereever the cows are present the virus cannot thrive this is a scientific study and we can see how cause helpful in organic farming ,side by side we can have a Gaushala and an organic farm and 25 Crore would help people to understand how organic farming and Gaushala can change their lives completely

  5. Ritesh says

    I love this structure so cool

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