Diesel crisis! Owners face difficulties to run vehicles due to unavailability of fuel

Nabarangpur: People especially those who own a vehicle are facing problems to run their vehicles due to the unavailability of diesel in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district.

The non-availability of diesel has massively affected the plying of vehicles in the town. Even the movement of the passenger buses and vehicles that are engaged in emergency services also are affected.

According to reports, diesel is not available in Nabarangpur Town for the last five days. Due to this, some vehicle owners are going to Papadahandi, which is more than 10 kilometres away from the town, to get diesel for their vehicles. However, diesel is almost over in Papadahandi area.

Sources said that the fuel station owners of Nabarangpur Town are paying money in advance to get the oil, but they are not getting it as per their requirements. Whatever little they are getting is getting sold-off within or even in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, residents of the town are in a state of panic that prices of essential commodities like rice, dal, potato, edible oil and onion are likely to rise in view of the crisis of the fuel. Those who are hiring a rented vehicle are paying a hefty amount.

When contacted, the district food supply and consumer welfare officer refused to make any statement over the crisis of diesel in Nabarangpur Town.

If the shortage of fuel continues, there is no doubt that the fuel will be sold at a skyrocketing price in Nabarangpur district.

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