Deleted Whatsapp chat? Here is the easy way to recover

If you have deleted your WhatsApp chat either by mistake or knowly and want to get it back, you need not worry. You can recover your deleted Whatsapp chat by following very easy ways. You can recover Whatsapp Chat in two ways 1) Google Drive and 2) Local Backup.

How to recover Whatsapp Chat from Google Drive

  • For this, it is necessary to backup your handset data on Google Drive.
  • In this, you have to enter your Google account and mobile number
  • Choosing Google Drive as your recovery option, it becomes very easy to recover chat
  • First uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile and install it again from Play Store
  • After this, open WhatsApp and insert your number in it and verify it
  • An option to recover data from Google Drive will pop up on your screen, click on it
  • After this process is complete, click on Next
  • After this your chat will be recovered.

How to recover from Whatsapp Chat Local Backup

  • WhatsApp also makes local backup in your phone’s internal storage
  • Its time and location cannot be changed manually
  • This local backup is made every morning at 2 am (2 am), which is saved in the local storage of your phone.
  • This method only works for Android users, not iOS users.
  • Open your file manager first
  • Go to WhatsApp folder here, then click on Database
  • This folder contains all the backup files of WhatsApp.
  • Press msgstore.db.crypt12 on the file for a while and edit the name.
  • Rename msgstore_backup.db.crypt12. This was done because it could not be replaced by a new file.
  • Now name the latest backup file msgstore.db.crypt12
  • Now go to Google Drive and delete your WhatsApp backup
  • Now reinstall Whatsapp after uninstall
  • On turning on WhatsApp again, you will be asked to back up from local storage
  • After selecting msgstore.db.crypt12 file here, tap on Restore
  • Now you will get your deleted chat.

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