Cyclone Fani: Axis Bank To Start Micro ATM Service In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to overcome ATM related problems in the aftermath of cyclone Fani, Axis Bank has come with an innovative idea of introducing micro ATMs in Bhubaneswar.

Micro ATM is a device through which a customer can get cash after swiping his/her ATM card and the cash will be given by a bank staff once the swipe is approved by the system.

Officials said that citizens can withdraw cash of Rs 2000 in a single transaction through the micro-ATM. The micro ATM service will be available by the bank at important public places such as railway station, hospitals and market place.

A senior bank official said that initially four micro ATMs will be engaged to serve the people and more micro ATMs will be later brought to the city to provide the micro ATM service to people till the restoration of ATM services.

“Withdrawal of cash has become a major issue in the state capital due to link failure after severe cyclonic storm Fani hit the city on May 3. The customers are often dejected due to long queues in front of the ATMs. This has become a major issue across the state capital,” said an official.

Axis Bank has also partnered with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation in many city-based monetary projects including social security pension schemes. Around 22000 beneficiaries are getting their monthly pensions through Axis Bank.

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