COVID Home Isolation: Odisha issues SOP on use of Favipiravir tablet

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Saturday have issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on use of Favipiravir tablet during home isolation .

In the notification letter it has been stated  to ensure strict adherence to the aforesaid SOP while administering the tablet Favipiravir to the COVID-19 positive cases during home isolation.

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) will be specifically trained to assess the patient in home isolation and can administer Favipiravir tablet at home in consultation with trained doctors.

If the patient is assessed to be suitable for administration of Favipiravir, the RRT team will explain the patient relatives about the use of Favipiravir tablet, its side effects and precautions. The patient will also be counselled to report any adverse reaction occuring during therapy and also the course of the disease during therapy.

If the patient gets major adverse reactions or worsening of the general condition the RRT team will co-ordinate and shift the patient to an appropriate COVID care facilty.

The SoP will enable COVID patients under home isolation to avail the benefits of antiviral therapy, i.e. Favipiravir at their door step through the large number of RRT deployed in the field to monitor COVID-19 management.


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