Covid cases continues to rise alarmingly in Bhubaneswar, Odisha Health Director issues caution

Bhubaneswar: The daily Covid cases in Bhubaneswar have been increasing continuously with 200-300 infections each day, said Health Director Bijay Mohapatra. Although the R-value has slightly increased as per latest data, but the number of critical Covid positive patients in hospital has remarkably reduced.

In addition, the number of admissions in ventilators is less than 10% now whereas the number of children getting admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is less than 1%.

The state has been witnessing a fluctuation in Covid infections in last three months where around 80 of 100 cases are asymptomatic. Amidst this situation, it is important figure out a way to keep a check and reduce the transmission of virus, added Health Director Mohapatra.

Since last few months, the citizens have been crowding the public places due to the ongoing festive season in the State.

Meanwhile, DMET Chief CBK Mohanty has said that it is upto the people of the State about how can they keep themselves safe from the virus amid the Dussehra festival. He also said that the infection rate will increase if the crowd at market areas is not taken into consideration and initiate strict guidelines to follow.

He has urged the citizens to follow Covid appropriate behaviour especially at all public places. “Festivals will keep returning every year, but we should remember that life is more important,” he added.

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