Corona warrior Bishnu who performs last rites of persons killed of Coronavirus

Bishnu from Jaipur of Rajasthan deserves appraisal for his noble work. He performs the last rites of the persons, who die of Coronavirus.  Along with his team, this man has so far performed last rites of as many as 68 dead bodies from all the communities.

At a time when even family members of deceased persons are keeping themselves away from the dead body of their relatives to keep themselves away from coronavirus, Bishnu and his team never hesitated.

Interestingly, earlier Bishnu had not visited the burial ground. Yet, he is the person who is now performing the last rites of many persons. Many people have mentioned about him and his team on social media and applauded the team’s work.

In these days people take doctors, nurses, Police, sanitary workers and media professionals as corona warriors. But now name of Bishnu has been added to this list in lieu of his noble work.

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