Cops rope in ‘Bahubali’ to promote helmet use in Keonjhar!

‘Bahubali’ is now example of helmet use in Keonjar Keonjhar: Bahubali, the blockbuster film by SS Rajmouli in which a helmeted Prabhas plays the title role,  is now being used as a role model to promote helmet use while driving by Keonjhar district police.

In a bid to make people aware of the importance of wearing  a a helmet while riding a bike, the district police has uploaded a picture of ‘Bahubali’ with an exhortation to wear helmet on its Twitter page.

“The super hero uses helmet in reel life. We should use helmet while driving bike in real life,” said the Twitter message posted by Keonjhar police.

The innovative idea of the police for road safety has been lauded by people of all sections  across the state.

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