Conference on Communication for Social Change in Rural India held in KIIT

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Bhubaneswar: A two-day national conference on communication for social change, development and empowerment in rural India was held at KIIT School of Rural Management.

The event, which began yesterday and concluded today, was organised by Central of Children Studies, KIIT School of Rural Management and KIIT School of Mass Communication and was supported by UNICEF.

Considering the fact that maximum of India’s population still resides in the rural areas of the country, influencing the communication in these part of the country has been an important step towards development.

Prof. L.K.Vaswani, Director, KIIT School of Rural Management inaugurated the program that was initiated keeping in mind the children and the people of Odisha.

Prof. Himanshu Khatua, CEO of School of Mass Communication, KIIT University during his introductory speech stressed on the developments that the rural India has gone through like agriculture, sanitation, entertainment and so on.

The Presidential address was given by Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty, Vice Chancellor of KIIT University. He highlighted the importance of the radio that is no more being preferred as a medium to attain information. According to him, the matter of concern is the barrier between the opulent, urbanized sector and the rural sector. This barrier hinders the flow of information.

The keynote speech was addressed by Prof. G Ravindran, Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Madras. He described how the communication earlier had no burden of Globalization. Now-a-days communication has become more political and is more to receive the habitat made by the media.

The topic that Ravindran covered was philosophy and anthropology and in reference to the same he made a statement that, “if practitioners were not philosophers then the idea and result of the change would have been different.”

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