Complete Lock down in Odisha, for Prevention of Coronavirus Spread

Bhubaneswar: The lock down and Janata curfew have been very successful. The roads are completely deserted.

Lockdown notification has been issued, people are requested to stay at home and come out only for basic services.

If one steps out of home, social distancing norms should be strictly followed.

Several services however have been exempted. The exempted services are as follows:

  1. Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties.
  2. Police
  3. Health Sector
  4. Urban local bodies
  5. Fire services
  6. Electricity, Water and Municipal Services
  7. Print and Electronic Media. social media
  8. Telecom & Internet Services including IT & ITeS
  9. Postal services
  10. Food, Groceries, Milk, Bread, Fruit, Vegetable,Meat, Fish and their transportation related activities and warehousing
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