Commissionerate police to enquire source of 9mm carbine from arrested gangsters

Commissionerate police shall take gangster Sanjay Khuntia and his associates on remand soon, said reports on Tuesday. 

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate police shall take gangster Sanjay Khuntia and his associates on remand soon, said reports on Tuesday.

The infamous ganster shall be questioned as to the source of the 9 mm Carbine that was found from his possession.

The 9mm carbine is a rare gun to own and hence the Commissionerate police shall put in its entire effort to find the source from which it was procured.

The police shall enquire in detail from where the Carbine was sourced, since when the gangster owned it and how many more Carbines the gangster owns.

Sanjay will also be questioned about his links with gangsters from other states. The biggest challenge of the Commissionerate police will be to find out the source of the Carbine.

It is also worth mentioning that yesterday, the Commissionerate police had raided the residence of mining mafia Prakash Chowdhury and seized massive amount of money.

The infamous Sanjay Khuntia gang of Khurda has been arrested by the Commissionerate police on Monday, said reliable reports.

Reports that they were planning a mega attack. According to sources, they were engaged in the mining business, stone crusher units and stone quarry.

The Commissionerate police Special Squad has arrested Sanjay Khuntia. Along with him Prakash, Sanjay Khuntia of Khurda and his three accomplices have been arrested.

Another accused, Boto Pani, has also been arrested. The police has recovered a 9mm pistol and 12 rounds of live bullets along with a nine mm carbine.

Commissionerate Police will send the seized nine mm carbine to the SFSL (State Forensic Science Laboratory) in Bhubaneswar.

Sanjay Khuntia is a professional criminal, this gang is involved in major crimes like murder, attempted murder, illegal arms selling and mining mafia.

The police has recovered a total of one carbine, two pistols, four magazines, three cars, seven mobiles and 19 rounds of ammunition. Further investigation in this matter is underway. Detailed reports awaited in this matter.

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