Cobra-cat fight on road leaves locals amused in Odisha; Watch

You might have come across several videos every day. Some of them, especially that of animals, are very funny, amusing and heartwarming. Some such videos also are very scary and dangerous. However, the social media users love, like and share such videos. A fresh video of cobra-cat fight has come to the fore in Odisha.

A mall video of cobra fight with cat at Kakatpur area of Jagatsinghpur district has gone viral. In the viral video, a seen is seen gradually entering into the human habitats. However, a cat waylaid it. In a fit of anger, the reptile tries to attack the cat.

The cat on the other hand cleverly escaped and attacked the snake. After realizing that it cannot fight the cat and proceed further, the cobra went back to the forest area.

Watch the video

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