Chhattisgarh opens 7 more gates of Kalma barrage

Mahanadi Water disputeBhubaneswar: Chhattisgarh government on Tuesday opened seven more gates of Kalma barrage on Mahanadi river after heavy rains in the upper catchment area of the river.

The neighbouring state, which had stubbornly refused to open the gates during the summer season despite massive protests by the Odisha government, had opened 39 gates of the barrage earlier.

Out of 66, as many as 46 gates of the Kalma barrage have now been opened due to heavy rains in the upper catchment area of Mahanadi river.

The water is expected to reach Hirakud Dam in Sambalpur district in the next two days.

The water level in different water reservoirs of Odisha, including the Hirakud Dam, is gradually decreasing due to the construction of barrages on the upper catchment of Mahanadi river, leading to a serious dispute between the two states over sharing of water. The matter is now sub-judice in the Supreme Court.

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