Charges against singer Humane Sagar: Sriya to reveal everything at press meet in Puri tomorrow!

Puri: It seems the dispute between singer Humane Sagar and his wife Sriya is not going to end soon because there is no sign of a amicable mutual settlement. Meanwhile a new twist has been witnessed today. Sriya has called a press meet in Puri in Odisha tomorrow where she is likely to reveal everything in this matter.

This is for the first time that Sriya will openly talk to the press in this matter. She is likely to elaborately talk about the charges she and her family have levelled against Sagar.

She will also answer to the charges her mother in law, mother of Humane, has alleged. She has informed press about it in writing. She has said that the allegations brought by her mother in law, is false. Whatever she has said about her and her father’s house is not true, Sriya said. She will prove tomorrow all the above points in the presser.

The fight between the singer couple has already reached Police Station. Cuttack Mahila Police Station had summoned both of them for counselling. Following this, argument started between mother of Humane and father of Sriya.

Police have given a two day window for mutual settlement of the issue amicably between the two families. Police have allowed time till Monday. Ahead of that Sriya calling press meet is the big twist in this case.

It is yet to be ascertained whether the fight between the singer and his wife will come to an end or not. It has been hoped tomorrow there will be a way out.

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