Chandana Jatra To Be Held In Bhubaneswar Following COVID Guideline

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday allowed the Lingaraj Temple Administration to conduct the Chandan Jatra.

The city civic body, however, asked the temple administration to follow the guidelines set to check spread of COVID pandemic while observing the Chandan Jatra on May 15.

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Here are the guidelines the BMC urged the temple administration to adhere to:

  1. No devotes will be allowed to participate in the Chandan Festival.
  2. Only 15 Sebayats (servitors) will be allowed to conduct the Chandan Festival.
  3. The list of 15 Sebayats to be shared by the temple authority to BMC and they shall have negative RTPCR test results of within 48 hours.
  4. The Temple authorities to coordinate with BMC for sanitization of Chandan boats before putting to its use.
  5. All Sebayats during the Chandan Festival shall have to wear Mask appropriately at all times.
  6. Social distancing of six feet has to be maintained at all times by all Sebayats.
  7. Spitting and chewing of PAN/Ghutka is strictly prohibited.
  8. Appropriate use of handwashing/ hand sanitizer by all Sebayats.
  9. The temple authorities to ensure thermal screening of Sebayats on daily basis before allowing them for participation and provisioning of handwashing/hand sanitizer.
  10. Sebayats with SARI / ILI like symptoms shall not be allowed to participate in the festival.
  11. Water pouch of any size is ban during the event.
  12. During the entire Chandan Festival 2021 except the nitikanti/rituals related to the festival any kind of cultural events, Mela etc. is strictly prohibited.
  13. During the ent ire Chandan Festival 2021 crackers are strictly prohibited.
  14. The guidelines contained above shall be followed scrupulously by all concerned. Any deviation will entail individuals as well as revocation of the permission.
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