CESU Disconnects Power Supply To Erring Households

Bhubaneswar: CESU continues to disrupt power in the households which have not paid bills or have huge amounts pending.

The deadline of CESU was till the 15th of January 2020. After the notice period ended, CESU started with the procedure of disconnecting power.

The target consumers for disconnections are business organizations, private customers who consume huge amount of electricity.

It is noteworthy that the power supply to BPL homes shall not cut in the first phase.

8,95,459 had received notice relating to pending bills. A huge amount of 1494 Crore rupees worth bills is pending.

Within 5 days that is from,  17th to 20th January 2020  the power supply of 7691 households has been disconnected.

An amount of Rs. 25.2 crore has also been collected as outstanding bills, out of which Rs. 2.96 crore has been collected online.


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