Businesses In Odisha Come To A Standstill Due To Covid-19 Lock down

Bhubaneswar: The lock down due to Coronavirus in Odisha seems to have affected almost all sections of society. Both small and large businessmen seem to be at their wits end.

Vegetable Markets:

Though the vegetable markets and medicine shops are open and fully stocked, their business is negligible as people are refraining from  stepping out of their homes.

A Vegetable Market Bears A Deserted Look (Pic Credits: The Hindu)
Gup chup or Pani puri Sellers:

The gupchup or pani puri sellers are the worst sufferers. There are many such sellers from Bihar who have migrated to various parts of Odisha. Now that the Government has closed down all the roadside sellers, they are at a loss. They are sitting at their homes, jobless. They are waiting for government aid to run their families.

File Photo Of Gup Chup Sellers (Pic Credits: The Telegraph)
Puri Swargadwar:

The business at Puri Swargadwar has not been spared either. Due to the lock down, the number of bodies being cremated has become negligible.

File Photo
Watermelon Farmers:

The watermelon farmers seem to have been badly hit by the lock down in Odisha. Though the yield is good this time, sales are almost nil. The farmers of Kalahandi district who specialize in watermelon farming have been the worst hit.

An Empty Roadside Watermelon Shop
Dairy Farmers:

There has been marked decrease in the demand for milk, curd and other dairy products. The situation is so bad that the farmers do not have enough money to feed the cattle.

Dairy Farmers Are Badly Hit Due To The Lock down (Pic Credits: The Hindu)
Fishermen At A Loss:

Fishing has presently been stopped by the government due to the lock down. The fishermen seem to have been badly hit by this. They are clueless as to how they will run their families.

Fishermen Face Huge Losses (Pic Credits: The Hindu)

The government needs to come forward and help all these people as soon as possible.

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