Brother-sister duo ousted from Odisha village over illicit love affair

Anandpur: In a shameful incident, a brother-sister duo has been ousted from their village under Anandpur police limits in Keonjhar district for having an illicit love affair.

The accused couple identified as residents of Baragotha village said to be cousins of each other in relation.

The duo allegedly came closer a few months back and later developed a love affair which came to the notice of their families recently after a woman in the village found them red-handed in compromising position.

Later, the boy who happens to be the son of his lover’s uncle (father’s elder brother) was reprimanded for the incident and was told leave the village with his girlfriend.

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  1. Hindustani says

    Now a days Humanbeings are acts like animals for lust.Parenting,surounding,tv,mobiles responsible

  2. Preety says

    Ki juga hela

  3. Priyabrata Muni says

    Guys ! You should improve your blogging and what the folk this news is about. Really brother and sister. There are a lot of news guys which are very important , concentrate on that.

  4. Swarup says

    Goli maro harami ko

  5. Mohammed Umar Kadri says

    If they are cousins then it’s not bad. If they children of same mother or lady who feeds
    them then it may be bad.

    Do not throw them. I can say affair before marriage itself is bad. But people promote love between two unrelated(non relative) opposite gender then it may be fair.

  6. Nibedita H says

    Dear Team,
    This happens in other religion also,so why making its a big issue and after all our constitution says in artical 19 and 21 ..that we do have right to choose our life partner ……….m

  7. Jfrg says

    Nothing wrong in this relationship, society.must help the young couple.

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