Boy brutally beaten in Balasore for blind belief

Balasore: Superstition is not new to Odisha. In many parts of rural Odisha, blind superstition is still rampant. Despite rapid advancements in medical science, superstitions continue to prevail. One such glaring example came to light today at Raniguda village under Kamarda Police limits in Balasore.

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As per reports a boy was seen beaten mercilessly by a tantric (holy man). While it was seen that the boy had put a sandal in his mouth, the tantric was beating him with a whip. The incident was witnessed by a number of bystanders. Probably, all of them believed that the boy would be freed from the grip of the ghost that they believe to have entered into the body of the boy.

Finally, the boy became unconscious and fell on the ground after being beaten several times.

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