Boss questions employee about his assigned work after firing him, Netizens question work ethics

Weird but true! Boss questions employee about his assigned work after firing him.

We all hate getting up every morning and going to work, but we don’t have a choice. But have you ever had the ridiculous experience of being ordered to work even after being fired?

This absurd incident has occurred to a Reddit user who had recently been fired. He posted a screenshot of text messages that he exchanged with his former boss. The post has gone viral and is now making rounds on the internet. The fired employee was asked if the work he was assigned was completed or not. Netizens have slammed the boss for his unprofessional work ethic.

The boss messaged, “Good morning, did you create an order for this week or an inventory?”
The Reddit user replied, “I’m confused. Was my position eliminated or not?”
To this, the boss said, “Yes, but you did inventory and prepped an order on Sunday, was wondering where it was if at all.”
The astounded ex-employee replied, “[Boss name], bless your heart. You don’t fire someone and then still contact them to ask questions about the job bc you don’t know.”
The boss sent a thumbs-up emoji and then wrote, “25 years in the kitchen, just thought you would have been professional.”
The Reddit user replied, “In 25 years I’ve never had anyone fire me then expect me to still work.”

The post is captioned, “I’m still in shock..”

Netizens slammed the boss for expecting the employee to continue working after being fired. They stated:
“You’re fired! now get back to work!”
“Demoted to the unpaid employee.”
“Next payday, hound them about where your check is: ‘I thought you ‘would of’ been professional and not let a little thing like the elimination of my job stop you from paying me.'”
“Professional implies being paid for the function, as you no longer pay me, I no longer perform that function.”

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  1. Anamika says

    Who is tge boss? Where os he. Woyld like to bring him to my boss. Tgey are certainly related. Kumbh k mele ne bichde hue twins !!!
    Nothing more satisfying than kicking them on tgeir face !

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