BMC Issues List of Paid Quarantine Centres, Check Details

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Sunday released the list of some paid quarantine centres in view of the rising number of COVID cases in its jurisdiction.

“After consultation with the concerned management under OYO Hotels & Rooms, the following properties under OYO Hotels & Rooms are hereby declared as paid Quarantine/Isolation facilities. The terms and conditions and protocol will as devised earlier and communicated to OYO earlier during the initial phase of COVID-19 period. The details of the properties along with the contact person and concerned Medical Officer are as per table below:

Here are certain guidelines to be followed by the guests of paid quarantine centres:

  1. Any person who may have come into contact with a COVID-19 positive patient or coming for outside state or a suspect case can avail paid Quarantine Facility as above. Similarly, a person certified as Asymptomatic Positive case after due Health screening can only avail the paid isolation facility;
  2. The maximum number of days up to which a Asymptomatic Positive patient (Guest) can avail this pay and use isolation facility is 10 days from the date of testing of sample unless and otherwise directed by the concerned Medical Officer to stay for more number of days subject to Health condition;
  3. For Quarantine purpose the maximum allowable period of stay for the person shall be limited to 7 days from the date of contact with a positive case or entry to state of Odis ha
  4. The Guest shall have to make advance payment to the Hotel service provider amounting to 50% of the room rent per day for the required number of quarantine/isolation days;
  5. The Guest intending to avail any of the properties on pay and use basis above shall approach the contact persons as mentioned in the table above;
  6. The above accommodation shall include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner along with the provision of 2 litres water per day.;
  7. The Guest shall comply with the COVID-19 protocols and co-operate with the service provider at Paid Isolation/Quarantine Facility as well as BMC during the entire period of stay;
  8. The Guest shall maintain reasonable degree of care and caution in utilizing the assets available at the Paid isolation Facility in order to reduce risk of damages to any of the assets/utilities available. In case any such damages caused by the Guest then the same shall be borne by the Guest to the Hotel service provider;
  9. The Guest shall avoid coming out of the room or use common areas.
  10. The Guest under paid isolation facility shall self monitor his/her health condition daily regarding temperature by using thermometer and oxygen saturation level using pulse oxymeter. In case of any health issue, the Guest shall immediately intimate the front desk of the hotel for intervention.
  11. The guests under paid quarantine facility shall also self monitor his own health and intimate the front office/receptionist if develops SARI/ILI like symptoms so that his condition can be evaluated.
  12. The concerned Medical Officer shall be responsible for providing consultation services to the Guests as and when required. In case any serious health issue the concerned Medical Officer is require to take necessary action for shifting to medical facility.
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