BJP Puri LS candidate Sambit Patra denies all allegations

Puri: Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Puri Lok Sabha candidate Dr Sambit Patra has denied all allegations labelled against him. Earlier it was reported that Puri Collector and District Election Officer had served him with a showcause notice for conducting a rally without permission and violating model code of conduct by carrying Shri Jagannath’s idol during the said rally.

“Being a law-abiding citizen I have always respected the law of this country. I did not conduct any rally. I was simply on my way to Puri Shri Mandir where my supporters decided to join my vehicle impromptu. They were not invited to do so. I have not knowingly broken any law”, said BJP spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra.

“The visit to Puri Shri Mandir was not a political visit but a personal one.”

“One of my many followers offered me the idol and I could not deny it. I accepted it just as I accepted flowers and garlands offered to me.”

“I am yet to receive the show-cause notice. Once I do, I will respond to it accordingly”, said Sambit Patra on being served by the notice.

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