Bikes Parked At Bhubaneswar Railway Station Parking Stand For Years As Owner Not Turing Up

Bhubaneswar: Several bikes are left stranded at Bhubaneswar Railway Station parking stand for years as owners of the two-wheelers never turned up.

More than 80 bikes and bicycles are reportedly continuing to be left unattended as their owners never returned back to receive them.

Interestingly, the parking fees of some of the bikes and by-cycles have become costlier than their real price.

The bikes have registration numbers of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra. Some of the bikes have registration numbers like OR-01D 4616, OD22A-3902, ORO2-S 2051, OR22-B6753, OR05AS-0482,CG04DS-6188, SG13UB-1281, OR02BE-3091, OR02AB-2464, OR02.

bhubaneswar railway station parking stand

More than 22,000 bikes, by-cycles and helmets are kept at the parking slot every day. Some people are parking their vehicles regularly at the spot and use trains to go to their offices or working places and take the bikes when return, while some others return after a short trip to take their bikes.

However, it is yet to be known why the owners of the parked vehicles are not returning to take their bikes even after several months.

Owner of the bikes have not yet been identified as the parking slot owners have maintained only the number of the bike, parking date and timing but not the address of the bikers.

Meanwhile, people have started assuming that those are theft vehicles or the owners might have been affected by the deadly coronavirus.

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