Bhubaneswar’s KBN group: Police extracts shocking revelation!

Bhubaneswar: The remand period of five members of KBN group has come to an end today following which they were produced before the court. The police had taken them into a two day custody on Saturday from Jharapada Jail, Bhubaneswar. Reportedly, if required the accused members may be taken again into custody.

In a recent development in the case, Comissionerate Police has extracted shock revelation from the five youths during an interrogation.

A member of KBN group, also known as Rakta Charitra Gang, had created another WhatsApp group named as ‘Town Tiger.’ The main motive of this group is alleged to capture the capital city. One Sanatan Behera aka Sania had created the new WhatsApp group. The group was created for extortion (Dadabati), gangster activities and to show off their might.

As many as 29 members were added in the group. However, the members of the group began leaving the new WhatsApp group after they were aware that the group is under police scanner now.

It is expected that the cops will soon arrest all the members of this group. The cops have created a list of all the members who have left the WhatsApp group.

This gang wanders around the city with guns and sharped weapons in expensive cars. Few videos have surfaced where the members of this gang were seen dancing in the middle of road in inebriated state. A video also showed the members of the gang partying on a vehicle by parking it on the middle of a National Highway.

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