Bhubaneswar Traffic jam death: Commissionerate Police claim Ambulance took 22 mins

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police took to Twitter on Friday and provided a ‘Fact Check’ post over the case where a five year old boy was claimed to have died as the ambulance, with which he was being shifted to a hospital in Patia area of Bhubaneswar on Feb 11, stuck in traffic jam.

The Commissionerate Police refuted the claims made by the deceased’s family that  the kid died as the ambulance carrying him took around 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the private hospital in Patia from the Capital Hospital.

In a tweet, it said that the CCTV footage shows that the ambulance (OD 33 Y 6019) took 22 minutes and 38 sec to reach KIMS from Raj Bhavan Square. “Raj Bhavan Sq.10:01:40 AM 120 TA Bn Sq. 10:02:37AM Nalco Sq. 10:10:29AM KIMS- 10:24:18AM (Didn’t go through AG sq.),” it added.

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