Bhubaneswar: Retired senior typist arrested by Odisha Vigilance

Bhubaneswar: Tightening the noose around the neck of corrupt officials Odisha Vigilance on Saturday caught a retired senior typist in Odisha while he was demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 3000.

The apprehended retired senior typist has been identified as Amruta Sahoo.

As per reports, the Vigilance sleuths apprehended Sahoo, the retired senior typist at office of Managing Director, Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation, Bhubaneswar on Saturday while he was demanding and accepting undue advantage of Rs 3000 (Rupees Three thousand) from a complainant in order to help him in processing the EPF file of his late father by influencing concerned dealing clerk and other officials.

The entire bribe money has been recovered from Sahoo and seized.

In this connection Bhubaneswar Vigilance PS Case No 36 dated 19.11.2021 under section 7A PC Amd. Act 2018 has been registered.

Investigation is in progress against Sahoo.


After getting complaint against Sahoo, a trap was laid on 20.11.2021 wherein the accused Amruta Sahoo, Ex-Senior Typist (Retired) was caught by the team of Odisha Vigilance near Fire Station Square, Bhubaneswar while demanding and accepting undue advantage (bribe) of Rs.3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand) from complainant.

The bribe money was recovered from the possession of Sahoo and seized in presence of witnesses. Both hands wash of Sahoo gave positive chemical reaction, confirming acceptance and handling of bribe money by him.

He has been arrested and is being forwarded to the Court.

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