Bhubaneswar: Bahuda yatra of Lord Lingaraj begins

The return journey or Bahuda Yatra of Lord Lingaraj has started today, that is on Sunday, said reliable reports. 

Bhubaneswar: The return journey or Bahuda Yatra of Lord Lingaraj has started today, that is on Sunday, said reliable reports.

The Rukuna Rath of Lord Lingaraj ended on Thursday since it had stopped near the ‘teeni mundia’ square on Wednesday.

The Rath was pulled till the Rameswar mandir where Lord Lingaraj will alight from the Rath and be housed till Sunday, that is until the Bahuda yatra today.

The chariot pulling began at 3:30 pm. The Bahuda yatra of Lord Lingaraj has commenced in capital city Bhubaneswar.  The Mangala Aalati of Lord Lingaraj was held at 5 am in the morning then the Public Darshan of the Lord started.

The rituals of the Lord during the Rukuna Rath were delayed according to reports.  The water for ritual was collected from the Marichi Kunda near the Mukteswar temple on Saptami for Rukuna Rath Yatra.

Thousands of devotees are gathered in the Rath road for the Rukuna Rath Yatra.

All the preparations have been done for the smooth completion of the rath yatra. As many as 12 Platoons of police force has been deployed for the drawing of the Rukuna rath. Reports say that, other related arrangements have also been made by the police which include distributing water, providing fans to the devotees, etc.

It has also been requested to ban the playing of obscene songs atop the rath. The commissioner police has also made elaborate arrangements for traffic control. The vehicles will be diverted on certain routes to avoid over-crowding and congestion of roads.

Furthermore, two additional DCPs, six ACPs, 12 inspectors, 50 ASIs will be deployed to mantain law and order in and around the area.

The rath yatra of Lord Lingaraj is celebrated in Odisha on the day of Ashokastami that takes place in the month of Chaitra. This festival, which is believed to be ‘Papa Binashakari Yatra’ that means festival that destroys all evil and sins, will be held for five-seven days. Rukuna Rath is also called ‘Analeuta’ chariot as the chariot does not take any turn during the return journey. The direction of altars of the gods gets changed and the chariot is pulled from the opposite side.

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