Bhai jiuntia observed in Odisha’s Balangir

Kantabanji: Bhai Jiunita, one of the famous festivals of Western Odisha was celebrated on Saturday in Kantabanji of Balangir district.

Bhai Jiunita held in different places of Kantabanji today in different pandals and in padas.

On the occasion of this festival girls worship goddess Durga for the prosperity of their brothers. Bhai Jiuntia is celebrated on the 8th day of the bright fortnight in the Hindu month of Aswina.

Married women visit their father’s place in this time of the year to observe Bhai Jiuntia for their brothers.

On this day, sisters observe fast and arrange the worship. In the evening they get assembled at the place of worship wearing new or clean clothes.  They offer 108 duba grasses, unbroken rice, jiuntia and fruits. A priest reads out the story of Bhai Jiuntia from the book. In the following day they tie the jiuntia in the wrist of their brother for their betterment.

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