Bhadrak: Fear grips Bhadrak after crocodile spotted in Baitarani River

Bhadrak: Fear gripped Bhadrak after a crocodile was spotted in the water of River Baitarani in Bhadrak district of Odisha on Tuesday. Many districts of Odisha have faced flood situation. Hence, it has been speculated that the crocodile has been washed ashore due to flood.

As per reports, the crocodile was spotted in the River water of Baitarani in the Doharapatana Bila sahi area. Some locals spotted the reptile when it was sleeping in the River bank.

After witnessing the crocodile, the locals have got frightened as the water of Baitarani River is connected to ponds. Hence, people in the area have expected that the crocodile may lurk into the village.

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