Bhadrak bound bus abandons couple in Nagpur: Woman delivers on roadside

Bhadrak: A passenger bus from Gujarat abandoned an Odia couple near Nagpur who were on their way to their native place Bhadrak.

As per reports, after the woman experienced labour pain the couple wanted to get down from the bus for some time. However, while the bus should wait for the couple it abandoned them on the Nagpur-Mumbai NH.

Later the woman delivered a baby girl on roadside. As the couple had no money left to return, they contacted some people in Bhadrak who managed to mortgage their land and sent money to the couple. After receiving this money the couple hired a taxi and returned home.

As the report says, Sushanta Behera of Kubera village under Tihidi block of Bhadrak district and his pregnant wife were returning to Bhadrak by a bus along with other migrant workers from Surat. Near Nagpur the woman experienced labour pain and hence asked the driver to stop the engine for some time. However, the driver asked the couple to get down from the bus. After the man and his wife got down, the driver did not wait for them. It is to be noted that the couple had paid Rs. 6000 towards bus ticket.

Later the woman delivered a baby girl on roadside. After spending a night there, the couple managed to reach a nearby hospital for treatment with the help of locals. Now, as the two were left with no money to return Odisha, they requested Bhadrak district administration as well as Odisha govt for help but in vain.

Getting no other way, the man then asked some people in Bhadrak to put a piece of his owned land on mortgage. They mortgaged the said piece of land and sent them Rs.28, 000. The couple then reached home in Bhadrak after hiring a cab with this money.

Yesterday, the infant fell ill for which the couple visited Bhadrak hospital for treatment. They waited in the veranda of the hospital in the night. The pain the couple borne due to lock down is irreparable.

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