Beware WhatsApp Users! Your Phone Can Be Hacked If You Don’t Change These Three Most Dangerous Settings Immediately

WhatsApp has become an important part of our life now. All communications from friends, families to office are now on WhatsApp. But do you know that there are some settings on WhatsApp that cannot be hacked if your phone is not changed. Let’s know what is the danger and how to avoid them.

  • Default saved images

If the photos or videos that come on your WhatsApp are saved automatically, then change the settings immediately. Actually, according to cyber experts, photos sometimes work like Trojan horses. With their help, hackers can easily hack your smartphone. To avoid this, immediately go to your WhatsApp settings. Now close the Save to Camera Roll by clicking Chats.

  • Don’t accidentally backup WhatsApp to iCloud

Apple’s security is said to be the strongest so far. But experts believe that WhatsApp should never be backed up in iCloud. Any WhatsApp chat becomes Apple’s property after going to iCloud. Your chat gets decrypted after accessing iCloud. That means security agencies can take your chats with Apple. Experts refuse to backup in iCloud for this reason.

  • Auto vanishing feature

WhatsApp has recently launched Disappearing messages i.e. the option to delete messages automatically. But according to privacy this is also a dangerous feature. For example, in WhatsApp, these automatically deleted messages stay for at least 7 days. In such a situation, your messages remain in the notification, as well as other users can capture these chats. Also, the receiving user can keep your message in backup. For safety, you delete the chat immediately.


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  1. Isha Ratani says

    Hacking someone’s phone remotely is a private service it aint going to be available on internet that easily, A Real Hacker will not ask you any money in Advance, And if he can track mobile Remotely, like without touching the target phone is he able to do it. I came across a service where the guy literally teaches you how to do it. Provides you video proofs and even send you video tutorial step by step explaining how you can actually get into any phone whether Android or iOS . I’ll share the WhatsApp number with you guys +91-8657-399-601. Harish Negi. If it had helped me it can help you too

    1. Kalpatharu says

      Dear Sir, please send me that video in my email. I will be thankful to you.

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