Beware! Of These 5 Haunted Destinations In Odisha

Odisha is known for its scenic beauty, sea beaches, magnificent monuments, unique culture, traditions, art, and craft. Besides that, the location’s variety of mind-boggling scray locations is another interesting feature. Everyone has heard at least one true story concerning paranormal activity in their hometown.

So here is the list of 5 haunted destinations in Odisha: 

1. Mangalajodi Tree:

In Odisha, the Mangalajodi Tree was said to be haunted. According to myth the tree is inhabited by a possessed girl who takes on 21 lives before the Dussehra celebration. Interestingly, numerous people have reported seeing ghosts in the late hours of the night. As a result, no one is allowed to visit there after sundown.

2. Jatan Nagar Palace:

Prince Narasingh Pratap Dev erected the 100-room castle by forcing and torturing his workers in designated quarters. Many of them were supposed to die during the construction, and their ghosts are said to still reside within the palace’s walls. The structure is now a ruin and one of India’s most haunted locations.

3. State Highway:

The State Highway in Bhubaneswar is rumoured to be one of Odisha’s most haunted locations. It is said to be haunted by a lady witch’s spirit. As previously said, her soul appears at midnight, asking for a ride, and then vanishes if a car stops nearby. Many onlookers have reported hearing weird voices on the road, which have frightened them.

4. Chandpur Village:

Shivu and Jhillii, two villagers, were attacked by an evil ghost, according to the account. After further study, it was discovered that the tree possessed undisclosed devilish abilities. Shivu, the victim, attempted to remove the tree by cutting it down, but was killed by the same ghost. From now on, few people dare to approach the tree.

5. Haunted Hostel:

The Cuttack hostel, where many girls lived is just an old ruined building. An old man’s ghost is witnessed in the corridor of the inn and disappears when someone approaches. There are various rumors that this place has spread among the locals and has become one of the famous haunted places in Cuttack. The place is still a mystery in many ways.

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