Beware! Adulterated Petrol Being Sold In Bhubaneswar; Watch Video

Bhubaneswar: Tension ran high at a filling station located in Baramunda area of Bhubaneswar City on Wednesday over alleged adulteration of petrol and diesel.

Several customers who filled oil from the fuel station alleged that the petrol and diesel dispensed from the machine contained water. Some of them even collected samples from their vehicles and showed it in bottles to prove their allegation correct.

Narrating his problem after purchasing the oil from the filling station, a local claimed, “I filled petrol of Rs 15,000 in both my bike and car from here in two separate times. Shockingly, both the vehicles suddenly stopped after running for a few kilometres following which I took them to the garage for repairing. Later, the mechanic found out that the vehicles had problems due to the adulterated fuel”

“The State government should take a stringent action against the staff and owner of this filling station. It should be shut down or else people like us will suffer a lot as we are paying a heavy price for the fuel and then again we will have to spend thousands of rupees to repair our vehicles,” demanded another customer.

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  1. gopinath sahoo says

    This petrol pump must be sealed for ever and ever and honor should be punished

  2. Milon Mitra says

    The media’s information is incomplete and does not report any investigation done on this case by the police. This defames the petrol pump even if the story is false.

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