Berhampur Collector On Cleanliness Drive, Tea Shop Owners Asked To Clean Roads

Berhampur: The Collector of Berhampur, Vijay Amruta Kulange carried out a cleanliness drive today.

He asked the roadside tea stall owners to clean up the tea cups from the road.

On his morning walk he noticed the amount of use and throw cups strewn on the roads.

While getting back home, he stopped his car near one of the stalls.

He asked the tea stall owner to clean up the cups from the road and asked them to maintain minimum levels of cleanliness.


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  1. Satish says

    Go and check the road near ssvm nilakantha nagar which is in the worst condition since 3 years. And if you have courage first suspend the engineer who is on the duty at that site.

  2. Sk says

    Not berhampur collector but he is the collector of ganjam,even collector office is not in berhampur, kindly check well before writing something

  3. Ritesh pradhan says

    Thank you sir for your a step ahead cleanliness,kindily sir once you should go towards Biju pattnaik park ,those people also doing dirty and throughing garbage on the road.

  4. Prof. L.N. Dash says

    This is definitely a good step for aware ness creation. But when the Berhampur municipality will come forward to stop public defacation in Bijipur tank road which is in the centre of the city. This is a shame for the city.

  5. Tatasteel employee says

    We are not proud as a Berhampuriya only for the reason dirty city. Another things are feeling proud. Pls guys keep our city as a clean city.

  6. Ramesh says

    Sir I respect to our Brahmapur. Sir please change our mahanagar name Brahmapur not Berehmapur. That name was changed last 8years ago but didn’t work in administration. No work in all administration.So humble request to our dist collector pls change very first in our brahmapur. Thanks

  7. Satish Kumar Mohanty says

    Also check at new bus stand berhampur,bijipur pond road, ganjam galaxy road,taluka tank pond. Sir this place are not clean and the toilet which are made are not properly opening and also not clean. So I request you Sir to take action.

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