Be Cautious About The 3rd Covid Wave Warns, DMET Director CBK Mohanty

Bhubaneswar: The second wave of Covid is almost over said the Directorate of Medical Education Training (DMET) director CBK Mohanty.

He added a word of caution and said that we have to be careful henceforth. If we are careless then we will invite the third wave.

He also talked about the third wave and said that the new Covid variant in Maharashtra is under scrutiny and there is nothing to worry about.

Children are more likely to get infected in the possible third wave of Covid, said DMET (Directorate of Medical Education and Training) Director CBK Mohanty on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Health, around 12 percent of children across the country are being infected with the deadly coronavirus. However, the rate of severity among children is comparatively less.

Meanwhile, DMET Director said that maximum youths above 18 years of age have been vaccinated hence the children are more susceptible to get infected during the possible third of Covid.

However, Odisha government is all set to contain Covid infection among the children so they need to be kept in a safer environment, added Director Mohanty.

On the other hand, the death toll and the positive rate in Odisha are gradually reducing.

Mohanty has appealed to people of Odisha especially parents to keep their children away from possible Covid infection, staying safe and adhering to Covid-19 protocols.


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