Be Careful! Your Bank Account Can Be Emptied With Your SIM; Do Not Do This Work

Cyber ​​fraud cases are increasing rapidly in the midst of an epidemic spread across the country. Everyday new cases of money disappearing from bank account and wallet are coming up, in which case you have to use internet very carefully. Let us tell you that those who fraud today are using the SIM swap a lot, through which the entire account of the customers is being emptied. Let us tell you how this fraud is done and how you can avoid it-

Mobile phone is a very important part of banking at this time. Nowadays most people do their banking work from home by mobile. Everyone gets all the information about their account, balance and transaction on mobile.

Apart from this, mobile number is also used for OTP. In this case, the fraudsters swap the SIM. Apart from this, through mobile service provider, you issue a new SIM card for your registered mobile number. With the help of this new SIM, fraudsters use your account details and OTP to clear the account.

How the fraud is done?

  • People steal banking account details through phishing or malware software.
  • Apart from this, you also cheat by making fake calls.
  • People also talk by giving a false excuse of losing a mobile phone, a new phone or a broken SIM card.
  • After customer verification, they deactivate your old SIM and issue a new SIM card to the person who frauds.
  • After the new SIM is released, there will be no network in the customers’ phones.
  • Now the customer will not get any SMS, information like alerts, OTP, URN etc. on the phone.

How to avoid SIM swap

Let me tell you that if you are not getting any call or SMS notification, then you should immediately talk to the mobile operator about it, so that you will know that something fraudulent has not happened to you. Apart from this, some mobile network operators and customers send alerts to customers to alert about the SIM swap, which means that you can take action and stop this fraud by contacting your mobile operator immediately.

Let me tell you that you should not share your details with anyone. Register for alerts (SMS and e-mail) so that you get an alert if there is a problem with your bank.


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    How a new sim card is given to an unknown person? While receiving sim, you have to give authentication through your aadhaar. So,mobile company is solely responsible for this kind of scams

  2. Manoj says

    SIM can be done only through mobile operators . File an police complain against mobile operator if there is a sim swap. Every body take this seriously

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