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  1. Avaya says

    Collector is involved in this scam. Police is covering him up and administration and blaming an innocent without any evidence or any charges filed in court. CBI inquiry is warranted in this case to unearth the truth and the culprits from administration and bank.

    Police is protecting the administration. Police has no evidence, so they are unable to file case diary to court yet against Sakti. Sakti is innocent. He was not the person who approved the checks. How collector forgot about 60 lacs for 2 years? How no reconciliation of that account was done by collectorate? They are blaming it on a person who left the bank long time ago and was rising at IDFC Bank. Police is allowing the collector and bank employees to go free blaming it on one person. They created sensation in the press by arresting him within a day of FIR without any proper investigation. No proof and case diary has been filed by police to court after 13 days yet. Character assassination of an innocent person in the press without proof is a crime. Police should be held liable for the action. The person involved in the crime should be severely punished irrespective of their power and position.

    And the people who are assassinating the character based on a false claim by POLICE ( including SP) with no evidence after 21 days will realize the pain and suffering of a family only when one of their near and dear gets trapped like this in a false case. Presumption of innocence until conviction in court not just hearsay is warranted in cases like this.

    And stringent action is needed against SP and police who made the allegations in press with no evidence and delaying the court process by not submitting the case diary even after 3 weeks. No one should be above law including Collector and SP. Hope the law takes its course without interference by administration, rich and powerful, and those involved in this scam.

    CBI investigation is warranted here to find all the culprits. Reporters should do thorough investigation before publishing one sided stories.

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