Baliapal BDO in Odisha misbehaves migrant workers: Watch

Balasore: While Odisha Govt. is trying its best to bring back people who were stranded in other states due to lock down, some govt officials’ behaviour has earned criticism from public.

Chhabirani Sahu, the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Baliapala in Odisha’s Balasore district was recently seen scolding some migrant workers who had returned from Surat, in strong language .

A video has surfaced in this connection where it can be seen that the BDO is scolding the migrant workers with very hard words. She can be seen saying ‘Pati Chup Kar’ (Shut up), ‘To Maa Bapa Tate Sanskar Sikhei Nahanti’ (your parents have not taught you manners), ‘Byabastha karibaku jadi 5 ghanta time laage tahele bi kharare thiaa heba’ (if it will take even 5 hours to arrange, still you will have to stand under the sunlight), ‘To Chauda purusha bi ethi chup chap thia hebe’ (Even your ancestors for 14 births will stand here without a word), ‘Mu Jama Bhala Loka Nuhan’ (I am not at all a good human), ‘Mu Gotie OAS Officer, To bhalia kouthi jaiki dadan khatuni’ (I am an OAS officer, not a migrant labourer like you), ‘Aukat Re Raha’ (Stay in your limit).

  1. Sisir says

    Yes …Baliapal BDO says right words to the Migrant workers …

  2. Jitesh says

    No, it’s completely wrong what Baliapal BDO says to Migrant.She have no rights to use such types of misbehave word’s towards migrants. High authority should take strong action against BDO.


    No body can accept these words from a public servant. The primary duties of a govt.worker to provide service the people. They are getting salaries from their taxes.

  4. ARPITA PAL says

    Why did the migrants go to the other states in the first place? . Because Orissa couldnt provide them gainful employment. On top of this , this UTTERLY DEPLORABLE BEHAVIOUR by the BDO. Shame on her and her so called Education!

  5. Sharmistha Dash says

    Yes she may be wrong in her words but media should show what the other party did for a reaction of which she did this.
    Please don’t highlight her fault only…

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