Bahuda Yatra: Poda Pitha offered to Lord Jagannath at Mausi Maa temple in Puri

Puri: The famous Bahuda Yatra 2021 or the return journey of Lord Jagannath and His siblings is underway in the holy city of Puri in Odisha today amid Covid 19 restrictions.

Following the morning rituals and Chhera Panhara by Gajapati of Puri, pulling of the chariots began ahead of the schedule time. So far Taladhwaja, the chariot of Lord Balabhadra has already reached Singhadwara while Darpadalana, the chariot of Mata Subhadra has reached up to Marichikot chhak and Nandighosha Ratha, the chariot of Lord Jagannath has reached up to Market chhaka.

It has also been reported that few minutes before it poured heavily in Puri however pulling of the chariots continued amid rain.

During the return journey Lord Jagannath and His siblings were offered Poda pitha at the Mausi Maa temple. This is a special ritual and on every Bahuda Yatra the Lords are offered Poda Pitha at the Mausi Maa temple on their way to Srimandira from Gundicha temple.

It is to be noted that this year like Rath Yatra, Bahuda Yatra is also being organised without devotees in the wake of Covid pandemic. Hence, the servitors are pulling the chariots.

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