Babushaan-Trupti-Prakruti controversy: Babushaan seeks forgiveness, promises not to repeat such mistake

Bhubaneswar: Ollywood actor Babushaan Mohanty on Saturday released a video seeking forgiveness for the recent controversy involving him, his wife Trupti and his co-actor Prakruti Mishra.

In the short video, Babushaan, apart from seeking forgiveness for the controversy, promised that he won’t repeat such mistakes in the future. “You all must be aware that an incident had taken place some days before. For this, I ask forgiveness from all the people of Odisha,” said the actor.

A case has been filed against my wife Trupti and father-in-law Lalit Satpathy. Their family members had to face lots of problems and my wife and father-in-law have been suffering a lot. I promise, I will not allow anything to happen to them and such mistakes shall never be repeated,” he added.

Reportedly, Babushaan’s wife Trupti Satpathy stopped the actor and Prakruti Mishra while they were on their way to the Bhubaneswar Airport to catch a Chennai-bound flight for their film promotion on July 23. Trupti manhandled both the actor and Prakruti on the street in front of many people alleging that she had an affair with her husband. The video of the incident quickly went viral on social media platforms.

After that, the actress’s father Manmath Mishra filed an FIR at the Kharvel Nagar police station against Babushaan’s father-in-law Lalit Satpathy alleging that Lalit and Trupti are conspiring to kill his daughter.

On the other hand, Trupti accused the actress of creating disturbances in their marital life and lodged a complaint against Prakruti at the same police station in the presence of her mother-in-law and veteran actress Aparajita Mohanty.

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