Auto-rickshaw driver attempts suicide after failing to repay loan in Odisha

Jajpur town: An auto rickshaw driver attempted to commit suicide as he could not repay the loan money due to loss of business due to lock down in Jajpur district of Odisha.

The auto driver has been identified as Sankarshan Sahu of Dasarathpur in Jajpur district.

As per reports, the youth had bought an Auto rickshaw on loan one year back. However, after lockdown enforced in Odisha public carrier vehicles were barred from venturing to the road. Accordingly, he faced difficulty to repay the loan.

At this juncture, after repeated threatening from the loan sanctioning office of taking out the vehicle from his custody, the youth tried to set him on fire. He poured kerosene on him and tried self-immolation.

Following the incident, the youth was rushed to Jajpur DHH in critical condition. His health condition is said to be critical.

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