Astra Mark-II Missile To Be Test-Fired Soon In Balasore District

Balasore: A new milestone has been achieved, an advanced version of the indigenously developed Astra Mark-II next-gen missile will be test-fired soon at Chandipur firing range No.3 in Balasore district.

Astra Mark-II, a new version of the Astra missile, India’s first indigenous beyond visual range air-to-air missile, has a range of around 160 km. Capable of flying over four times the speed of sound, the weapon will be able to strike enemy targets 160km away.

The advanced version Mark-II capable of acting as a force-multiplier is developed to supplement artillery guns, sources said. The quick reaction time and high rate of fire of the system would give the army an edge in low-intensity conflict situations.

Scientists are working to ensure that ‘Astra’ performs effectively at different altitudes. Meanwhile, the DRDO department has decided to rehabilitate 8,000 people from six villages of four panchayats to temporary shelter homes to prepare for the launchpad.

All necessary arrangements are being made and the affected people will be given monetary compensation.

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