Annual ‘Sulia Jatra’ begins in Balangir amidst animal sacrifice

Balangir: The annual ‘Sulia Jatra’, well-known for its mass sacrifice of animals began in Khairguda and Kumuria villages under Deogaon block of the district last night amid tight security arrangements.

As per the report, despite all awareness drive and discussion undertaken by the district administration, the Zilla Adivasi Kalayan Sangh stuck to its stance of animal sacrifice which was undertaken by thousands of tribal this morning. Prior to the sacrifice, the tribal people marched on a grand procession to the shrine of the presiding deity Sulia holding traditional weapons animals and birds including goat, buffalo, hen and cock.

As per the tribal belief, propitiating the deity by offering the blood of sacrificed animals brings good fortune to the village including good rainfall and harvest in the season.

The ‘Sulia Jatra’ is held on the second Tuesday of ‘Pousa’ month every year and is witnessed by a large number of visitors from other states.

While earlier, government tried to bring an end to the age-old tradition over animal cruelty, it has now restricted itself to only crowd control following a Supreme Court verdict to respect tribal rituals and traditions.

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