Anand Mahindra tweets video of Garba in Marine Drive, watch!

As Navratri began this week, Garba performances have become common across the country. In one such celebration of the nine-day festival at the iconic Marine Drive in Mumbai, several youngsters were seen pulling off some of the classic Garba steps. Anand Mahindra, one of India’s biggest business tycoons, who is quite active on Twitter, shared a video of people doing the Garba on the streets of Mumbai.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra who is known for his unique take on current affairs, took to his Twitter account to express his joy at the sight. In a light-hearted tweet, Mahindra said that the conquest and annexation of Mumbai’s streets were complete.

However, according to him, these were invaders who were welcomed with open arms. He went on to assert that there was no place like Mumbai during Navaratri. The Mahindra boss also issued a caveat stating that all the natives of Gujarat may protest against his claim.

“Mumbai, Marine drive. The conquest and annexation of Mumbai’s streets are complete. But these are invaders who are welcomed with open arms. No place like Mumbai during Navaratri. (I know I’m going to hear howls of protest from cities in Gujarat!),” read Mahindra’s tweet.

Watch the video here:

In response to his tweet, people started sharing the fervor of the festive occasion from various parts of the contry as well as the world. A person tweeted a video of people doing garba in UAE!

This year Navaratri began on September 26. It is that time of the year when cities across the country are decked in the festive fervour of the nine-day festival. The enthusiasm amongst people is especially high after the celebrations were dampened since the last couple of years due to COVID restrictions.

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