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Almost Rs 7 lakhs vanishes from woman’s bank account

Bank officials’ greed or carelessness behind this act


Rajnagar: An amount of Rs 6, 89, 353 was gone in a flash from Swarnalatha Sethi’s Central Bank of India account. She noticed this discrepancy and has filed a report with local police on Saturday.

Sethi has an account at Badanaukona village in Brahmanashahi panchayat under Rajnagar Police Station in Kendrapada district. Her account number is 1995115682 and from this account, Rs 6, 89, 353 were found to be missing.

Swarnalatha Sethi had gotten her ATM card from her bank about two months ago but had not used it yet. Today she reached her bank to withdraw Rs 10,000 and when she updated her passbook she was shocked to find just Rs 90,000 remaining in her bank account. Sethi approached the officials with which they responded with that her ATM card had been used to withdraw the money. Neither Sethi nor any of her family members had done that. The bank officials refused to cooperate any further.

Losing all hope and teary-eyed she approached the Rajnagar Police. Meanwhile, locals were furious and locked the Sanabadagopalpur branch blaming the bank officials for the discrepancy. On mounting pressure, bank official Ramesh Chandra Pradhan met Sethi and assured that all of her money will be returned to her by Monday. Pradhan clarified that there was a mistake by the bank officials and they had switched Sethi’s card with someone else. Now this other person using Sethi’s ATM card has withdrawn the entire money in small amounts of Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rajnagar and Pattamundai.

On the other hand, locals and Sethi’s family have been blaming the officials of the Sanabadagopalpur branch of robbing Sethi of her money with some middle-man and now making up this story. They are also forcing Rajnagar Police to arrest the responsible middle-man and the bank staff.

The Rajnagar Police are conducting an inquiry in this matter and has not yet reached any conclusion.

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